Jessica Knightly


Before you contact me:



I want to know all I can about the men I spend time with and as we spend time together, I will learn even more.  I need to know your likes and dislikes to make sure we are well suited and so I can make you happy and ensure you and I have a pleasurable experience together.  So, feel free to share your wants and desires, as well as, your expectations of our time together.  However, I do request that you are not crude, or sexually explicit in our email exchanges.


I screen everyone.  This is for my safety.  If you are a member of P411 or DateCheck with multiple provider "OKs" that may be all I need.  Otherwise, I will accept a reference from a well-established fellow provider.  If you have no references, contact me and let me know your situation and I will see if we can work something out.