Questions & Answers


Where do you live?

I live in Houston, TX.  However, I consider the world my playground and am happy to fly into your city on request for no additional fee.

Your rates are higher than most girls in your market, why don't you have an hour rate?

My time is important to me and I use it wisely.  I do not wish to run all over town seeing multiple suitors, nor is it my intention to spend time with every man who has Internet access.  I prefer to select a very few gentlemen whose style and taste complement my own.  I think my rates are a bargain compared to what you are getting. My relatively high fee enables me to be as selective as you are and for those gentleman who desire the company of a companion who is at once charming, intelligent, beautiful and discreet the value is readily apparent.

What services do you provide?

I am a gentleman's companion.  You receive my time and companionship.  The details of that time and companionship are something which is best discussed face to face, but it is necessary that you understand that nothing on this site is to be construed as an offer of prostitution. I am an adult woman and I enjoy spending time with adult, sophisticated men.  How we spend that time is our business, and will not be discussed with third parties.  Perhaps the best way to think of me is as a modern-day courtesan.

Do you have any reviews?

Yes, my review can be found here and here.     


Where and how will we meet?

Our first meeting will take place at public location we both agree upon.  (Exceptions can be made for high profile and public officials).

You say that you offer "Romance without entanglements" - what exactly do you mean by that?

I see our time together as a special date and I want it to be a night to remember for both of us. We start with an evening of stimulating conversation, discovering mutual interests and getting to know one another on many different levels. We may at some later point go for romantic weekend getaways or extended travel. Even if extended visits aren't on our horizon, I want the relationship we develop to be one of genuine connection where we look forward to seeing one another again with eager anticipation. That is the romance part.  By "no entanglements," I mean that I will never ask more of you than you can offer.  I see you at your convenience (my schedule permitting) and I will not make demands on your time or emotions that are unwanted.  I do not have the expectations of a typical girlfriend who wants to take things a step further.  I won't call you unless asked or see you unless summoned.  I am here when needed and absent when necessary.

When do you expect payment?

Romance and finance are subjects which do not mix well. However, we live in a world where bills must be paid and obligations met. I find it best that such prosaic details are attended to quickly, so as not to intrude upon the evening. In practical terms, this means that the fee for my time can be paid for with cash, an envelope can be discreetly handed to me at the beginning of the evening. That done, the rest of the evening can proceed without interruption

Do you enjoy what you do?

Of course I do. Why else would I do it? In my life I have done many things and, while I have many talents, it has become clear to me (as it will to you, should we meet), that the thing that I am best at is providing companionship to a man of taste and sophistication. I think that everyone enjoys doing the thing that they do best.

What are some of your interests?

I am interested in art and science - making it a point to visit museums of both types when I travel. I enjoy exploring other cultures and the outdoors - skiing, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, cycling and fitness in general.  I love the theater - hence my frequent forays to New York City.  I love to read and devour both fiction and non-fiction works with equal gusto.  There are many more but I'll save those so that we may discover our mutual interests together.

Do you accept gifts?

Although gifts are neither expected nor required, I certainly appreciate them. If you are feeling generous or just want to bring me a little something you are welcome to.

How do I contact you?

The details can be found on my contact page. Briefly, I will require certain information from you and at least 72 hours time in which to verify it.